The Giti GTL925 is the new generation of semi-trailer truck tyres for 10 tonne axles on modern low loader trailers and megatrailers with an internal height of 3 metres.

The wide low-profile tyres offer high mileage, low rolling resistance and low noise. The 3PMSF marking makes the tyres suitable for use all year round, including severe winter conditions.

The high carcass stiffness with optimised contact patch ensures good handling, braking ability and high mileage and the wide tread shoulders with edge grooves protect the carcass from impact damage in this area. A reinforced tread compound with increased abrasion resistance reduces fuel consumption and extends the tyre's mileage.

Axle Trailer Trailer
Usage type Highway Highway
Labelling 3PMSF

Affordable top quality truck tyres

Giti - tested by miles/hour
Lower total costs per 1km compared to premium brands. 
GITI - Developed in Germany
Developed in Germany.
GITI - 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world
10th largest tire manufacturer in the world.