The Giti GDR638 truck tyres meet the increasing demands of truck drivers and, in addition to excellent mileage performance, offer good ride comfort, low noise and good handling on wet and dry roads. They can be fitted on trucks and buses with 17.5 and 19.5 inch diameter wheels. Thanks to the 3PMSF certification, you can run on these tyres all year round.

The design with small blocks and four longitudinal grooves ensures good traction, short braking distances and high comfort. The high carcass strength and larger tread contact area will extend the life of the tyres. The latest bead design will make it easier to mount and dismount the tire.

Axle Drive Drive
Usage type Regional Regional
Labelling 3PMSF

Affordable top quality truck tyres

Giti - tested by miles/hour
Lower total costs per 1km compared to premium brands. 
GITI - Developed in Germany
Developed in Germany.
GITI - 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world
10th largest tire manufacturer in the world.