The GAO897 heavy-duty off-road truck tyres are suitable for all axles and are suitable for a wide temperature range from 55 °C to -40 °C. The robust tread blocks and wide longitudinal grooves combined with the extra deep pattern provide excellent traction and good stability even in the roughest working terrain.

The reinforced tread compound is highly cut and abrasion resistant. The dominant feature of the tyres, however, is the aggressive tread pattern offering extremely high mileage in off-road as well as on asphalt. Optimised bead technology ensures easy fitting of the tyre to the rim and increased resistance to pressure drop.

Axle All positions
Usage type On / Off On / Off

Affordable top quality truck tyres

Giti - tested by miles/hour
Lower total costs per 1km compared to premium brands. 
GITI - Developed in Germany
Developed in Germany.
GITI - 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world
10th largest tire manufacturer in the world.