The Giti GSR225 are high performance truck (guide) tyres for mixed traffic.

The new tread compound provides exceptional mileage and regular wear. The tyres with increased load capacity (EURO 6), sophisticated tread pattern and tread compound deliver excellent handling characteristics on wet and dry roads.

The GSR225 truck tyres are an excellent choice for a combination of long-distance and regional transport. The new casing design with optimised road contact footprint improves vehicle handling, comfort and mileage. A wider tread pattern with added rubber content in the contact patch improves handling, braking performance and increases mileage. Thanks to the 3PMSF symbol, you can also use the tyres in winter.

Axle Steer Steer
Usage type Combined Combined
Labelling 3PMSF

Affordable top quality truck tyres

Giti - tested by miles/hour
Lower total costs per 1km compared to premium brands. 
GITI - Developed in Germany
Developed in Germany.
GITI - 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world
10th largest tire manufacturer in the world.