The Giti GAL 817 is a cargo guide tyre for 22.5 inch diameter wheels.

Their tread and compound make them primarily suitable for highway use. These modern guide tyres will give you a comfortable ride and long mileage.

Maximized tread contact patch with wide shoulders ensure even tread wear and excellent handling. Thanks to the new carcass design you will have maximum contact with the road. So put the GAL817 tyres on your trucks and give your employees a quiet and comfortable ride.

Axle Steer Steer
Usage type Highway Highway

Affordable top quality truck tyres

Giti - tested by miles/hour
Lower total costs per 1km compared to premium brands. 
GITI - Developed in Germany
Developed in Germany.
GITI - 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world
10th largest tire manufacturer in the world.