Royal Performance

Royal Performance

Want affordable summer tyres that deliver great performance and balance for everyday driving?

Try our popular Royal Black Royal Performance tread pattern. With a choice of tyres for wheels from 15 to 20 inches, you can fit smaller mid-size cars as well as larger performance cars.

The tire is designed to provide excellent dry handling and vehicle stability by distributing pressure evenly across the contact patch. With internally curved groove walls, these tyres effectively shed water from the surface, ensuring stability and safety even when driving on wet surfaces and at higher speeds. 

The central part of the tread pattern is designed with an emphasis on resistance to dangerous aquaplaning. The Royal Black Royal Performance tyres also feature a brand new noise reduction system so you can enjoy an undisturbed ride.

The new wide outer profile design of these tyres not only allows for an even distribution of the car's weight, but also increases the contact patch. This improves handling, control and precision when driving, which is especially important when driving faster.

Vehicle type Passenger car Passenger car
Season Summer Summer

The cheapest tyres on the market with Asian origin.
The brand primarily targets drivers for whom low price is a priority.

Royal Black - Solid quality for very low price
Solid quality for very low price
Royal Black -Wide range portfolio including big sizes
Wide range portfolio including big sizes 
Royal Black - Verified by tens of thousands of customers
Verified by tens of thousands of customers.