Royal Winter VAN

Royal Winter VAN

The Royal Black Royal Winter VAN is the perfect companion to your van for the winter months.

These affordable winter van tyres boast excellent performance and grip on snow and ice. What's more, they also offer great grip on wet surfaces. 

Thanks to the tyres' circumferential grooves and sipes, they shed snow slush and water excellently. The car will therefore have perfect grip and stability, whatever the winter conditions. The tyres are made from a new compound with a high proportion of silicon and the tread pattern contains a high number of sipes. This combination guarantees maximum safety and performance in any winter weather.

Vehicle type VAN VAN
Season Winter Winter

The cheapest tyres on the market with Asian origin.
The brand primarily targets drivers for whom low price is a priority.

Royal Black - Solid quality for very low price
Solid quality for very low price
Royal Black -Wide range portfolio including big sizes
Wide range portfolio including big sizes 
Royal Black - Verified by tens of thousands of customers
Verified by tens of thousands of customers.