Royal Commercial

Royal Commercial

Royal Black Royal Commercial summer van tyres are a highly efficient solution for the daily operation of your vans.

The tyre design provides excellent road grip, contributing to safe and smooth operation. With a variety of sizes to fit wheels from 12 to 16 inches, you can fit them on all commercial vans commonly available.

The tires are designed to provide excellent handling characteristics at a more than affordable price. Thanks to the deep grooves, the tyres effectively drain water from the contact patch, significantly improving wet handling and eliminating the risk of aquaplaning.

Vehicle type VAN VAN
Season Summer Summer

The cheapest tyres on the market with Asian origin.
The brand primarily targets drivers for whom low price is a priority.

Royal Black - Solid quality for very low price
Solid quality for very low price
Royal Black -Wide range portfolio including big sizes
Wide range portfolio including big sizes 
Royal Black - Verified by tens of thousands of customers
Verified by tens of thousands of customers.