Royal Mile

Royal Mile

The Royal Black Royal Mile is an affordable summer class tire that focuses on durability and reliable mileage.

They are specifically designed for smaller cars with wheel sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches. The main advantages of these tires include excellent grip on a variety of surfaces and optimal rolling resistance thanks to a compound containing silica.

The Royal Mile design offers a balanced combination of performance, durability and economic operation. With their optimum rolling resistance and long service life, the tyres are the ideal choice for drivers looking for tyres with a good price/performance ratio. Regardless of the surface, these tyres offer solid grip, which contributes to safety and confidence when driving on the road.

Vehicle type Passenger car Passenger car
Season Summer Summer

The cheapest tyres on the market with Asian origin.
The brand primarily targets drivers for whom low price is a priority.

Royal Black - Solid quality for very low price
Solid quality for very low price
Royal Black -Wide range portfolio including big sizes
Wide range portfolio including big sizes 
Royal Black - Verified by tens of thousands of customers
Verified by tens of thousands of customers.