Galgo LL

Galgo LL

The Galgo LL truck treads are ideal for heavy terrain and are particularly suitable for construction and reconstruction work. Their main domain is their high resistance to mechanical damage and excellent traction in wet and mud.

Other advantages of these treads are their self-cleaning properties and a tread pattern that prevents the deposit of stones. These treads are suitable for carcass sizes from 16 to 24.5 inches.

Axle Drive Drive
Usage type Construction Construction
Labelling UNC
10.00 R 15 10.00 - 16.5 10.75 - 15.3

The most affordable retreading material with proven quality

Galgo - Verified Quality
Verified quality
Mexican manufacturer following the US manufacturing standards with 70 years of experience.
Galgo - The most economic choice
The most economic choice
You won't find lower priced truck tires.
Galgo - Wide portfolio of patterns
Wide portfolio of patterns
Patterns for all types of operation or use.