Galgo BC

Galgo BC

Galgo B&C bus treads for regional use with universal tread are suitable for inter-county routes. The sophisticated sipes ensure better grip in all conditions, so the tyres can handle winding roads and steep hills.

The 5 rib pro design with aligned blocks will take care of good traction on ice, water, snow and muddy roads. As a result, the tyres are both M+S and 3PMSF certified. So you can use them all year round.

Axle Drive Drive
Usage type Urban Urban
Labelling 3PMSF
275/70 R 22.5 285/70 R 19.5 295/80 R 22.5

The most affordable retreading material with proven quality

Galgo - Verified Quality
Verified quality
Mexican manufacturer following the US manufacturing standards with 70 years of experience.
Galgo - The most economic choice
The most economic choice
You won't find lower priced truck tires.
Galgo - Wide portfolio of patterns
Wide portfolio of patterns
Patterns for all types of operation or use.