31.8. 2023
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Building a new logistics centre: the next step forward

As we continue to grow and gradually expand into new markets, our current space has become too small. We have therefore decided to build a new logistics centre that will help us to improve our service to B2B and B2C customers across Europe.
About the company
Building a new logistics centre: the next step forward

Why do we need additional storage space?

Due to the growing volumes of B2B and B2C orders and plans to expand our e-shops abroad, our current stock capacities are no longer sufficient. Therefore, on 15 August 2023, in cooperation with ESOX, we officially launched the construction of a new company headquarters and logistics centre in Šlapanice.

Modern equipment and increased storage capacity

The area of the building will be 10,000 m². For comparison, the existing warehouse in Šlapanice has 5,200 m², which is half of it.

The building and its equipment will meet the latest standards. The construction should take about a year, which means that next winter season we will be operating completely from Šlapanice.

Everything under one roof

Thanks to a significantly larger storage capacity and modern common facilities, we will be more efficient and among the European leaders in tyres. This move will also bring the majority of our employees under one roof, which we hope will not only make our work more efficient but also improve the team atmosphere.

Modern working environment and motivation for employees

We believe that the new logistics centre will not only be a change of location a few kilometres to the south, but will also be a welcome move for our employees.

We want to provide our employees with a modern working environment in which we all feel comfortable. We believe that customer satisfaction starts with happy and motivated employees.

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