31.8. 2023

Can I drive on winter tyres in summer?

Drivers often state that their reason for using winter tyres during the summer is to save on the cost of new tyres and the time spent changing tyres. But is there really a benefit to driving on winter tyres all year round? Here are the arguments for and against using winter tyres during the summer.
Can I drive on winter tyres in summer?

Using winter tyres in summer is not the best option

Even though the law in the Czech Republic does not prohibit the use of winter tyres in summer, it is certainly not a sensible choice. Winter tyres are specially designed to maintain traction on ice and snow by using specific compounds.

Winter tyres are much more susceptible to wear as temperatures rise. If you use them in summer, you can expect significantly accelerated wear.

Longer braking distance and worse car control

As temperatures rise, the winter tyre loses its manoeuvrability. So we definitely recommend changing to summer tyres in time, or at least to all-season tyres. While the low stiffness and flexibility of tires are essential for moving on snow and ice, these characteristics are disadvantageous in summer. For example, braking distances can be significantly increased when using soft tyres.

Bet instead on all season tyres

Using winter tyres in summer is definitely not optimal. Certainly don't expect to save costs by using winter tyres all year round, quite the opposite. If you're tired of changing tyres seasonally and don't have high annual mileage, consider getting good quality all-season tyres instead.

What does the insurance company say?

Insurance companies do not have the right to shorten insurance claims through winter tyres worn in summer. But that certainly doesn't change the fact that driving on winter tyres in summer is an unnecessary safety risk.

The numbers say it all

Do you prefer facts to toothless platitudes? We recommend you take a look at test on the commuting performance of worn winter tyres in summer, which clearly demonstrates the superior wet and dry braking performance of summer tyres in warm weather.

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